Belleville homeowner says uniform cleaning plant too noisy and causing a stink

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Belleville homeowner says uniform cleaning plant causing a stink
Lucy Yang speaks to the homeowner and his attorney in Belleville.

BELLEVILLE, New Jersey (WABC) -- A homeowner in New Jersey is putting up a stink about the stink from his next door neighbor.

He's now suing a giant uniform cleaning plant because of the noise and odor coming from the facility.

Michael Schick bought his condo in Belleville two years ago. Since then, he complains he's had to sleep on his couch.

"This usually works until 4 in the morning when the garbage truck come and pick up their huge containers," Schick said.

Schick says the noise is so bad, he can't rest in his own bedroom because it's right next to the loading dock. He also says the odors are so choking he can't enjoy his yard.

"I've had the police here several times, and one of the officers went over there to talk to them and said that he felt like he was inhaling cancer," Schick said.

Next door is G & K Services which rents and washes uniforms. Their website says they have been providing uniform services for more than a century with dedication to customer satisfaction. But this homeowner claims they have not been a good neighbor to him.

"Your quality of life is what?"


After multiple meetings with the company, Schick filed a personal injury lawsuit this week against Cintas, its parent company.

"It's ruined his life," said Brittany Debord, Schick's attorney. "He's lost the use and enjoyment of his property, sure his property value has diminished substantially. Oh, you're hearing the noise right now!"

Granted, this company has been here long before Schick moved onto Ralph Street. One could argue he should've known better. But Mike points out the company has two county violations, one for odor and one for noise.

"They're breaking the law. There are certain decibel levels that they cannot go over," Schick said.

Eyewitness News was unable to reach the company after hours for comment.