Alpha Dawgs in Raleigh: A hot dog with a twist

When you're looking for a hot dog with a twist, look no further. Alpha Dawgs is the place to fill your hunger. Hisine McNeill is the owner of Alpha Dawgs. He took his hometown favorite from New Jersey and brought it to the south.

"A lot of our ingredients are local from local farms, such as the green peppers, onions, lemons. We make our lemonade fresh" he says. "Even down to our baked goods-- local. So I like to deal local."

Now, he strives for success in what has become a dream of his. Despite the pandemic, Hisine remains motivated by his customers who just love his food. "It has been a learning process," he says. "But as I look back on it now, I'm glad that I did it because-- you know, so anybody who has a goal, a dream, an idea, and they feel passionate about it, do it. We need people like that. That's what made this country so great."