Here's how to donate, help Ukraine amid Russian attacks

Many Americans are asking how they can help the people of Ukraine. Below is a list of organizations providing support.

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Friday, March 4, 2022
Ukraine Crisis: How to Help
In this Eyewitness News special, we look at the local charities and heroes who are stepping up to help Ukraine following Russia's invasion of the country.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- As millions of Ukrainians head for the border due to fallout from Russia's invasion, several volunteer organizations are dedicating their time and money to helping those people who need aid.

Given the scale of the emerging humanitarian crisis, many people are asking where they can send support.

ABC is teaming up with the Red Cross and UNICEF for relief efforts.

American Red Cross

The International Committee of the Red Cross has had a presence in eastern Ukraine for years to deliver assistance to those affected by the Russian conflict following the annexation of Crimea, according to its website.

The organization is "vowing continued support for the at-risk families in the region" amid growing concerns over displacement, mass casualty and destruction.

The American Red Cross, in particular, is "sending 30 trained staff to Europe to support emergency communication needs of U.S. military members."

You can help in supporting the American Red Cross by visiting


UNICEF is working to assist children and families in Ukraine by making sure their critical needs are met, like access to safe water, health care, education and protection, according to its website.

The organization already has 10 child protection case management mobile teams stationed in the country's east to provide "psychosocial care to children traumatized by the chronic insecurity" of the conflict with Russia.

You can learn more and provide your support at


Below is a list of other nonprofits responding to the crisis in Ukraine.

While these are all legitimate organizations and this post links to their websites, scammers often target generous donors in times of crisis. Make sure to do research before donating to a cause you find online.

Razom for Ukraine

Razom for Ukraine, an organization that was formed in 2013/2014, is collecting money for refugees moving across Ukraine and also to support the soldiers, both civilian and military.

"Our top priority is getting tactical medical supplies where they are needed which is frankly to those individuals defending democracy for the rest of us," said Dora Chomiak Razom For Ukraine.

Chomiak is so grateful for all of the support.

"Millions like you and me - imagine waking up in your apartment, having to run down to your bomb shelter," she said.

Michelle Charlesworth explains how Americans can offer some help to Ukrainians after Russia's invasion of the country.

Revived Soldiers Ukraine

Another well-established charity, also collecting, all volunteers, and sending all funds to the cause is a group called "Revived Soldiers Ukraine."

"We're talking minutes, not hours or days, that our people need our help right now!" Iryna Discipio said.

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Smirnoff is manufactured in Illinois.

Ukraine is two times the size of California and you must drive, which means at least 10-15 hours east.

"That's all we can do; we cannot fly, the air is closed to everybody, so we are on the road, and it takes time," Discipio said.

Revived Soldiers has hundreds of volunteers there and 100 in Ukraine.

People in Need

People in Need is providing humanitarian aid to more than 200,000 people on the ground in Ukraine. The Czech organization will "provide mainly the most basic needs according to the currently developing situation ... [like] cash assistance, food aid [and] hygiene items" in its first phase of support, according to its website.

People in Need also pledged to support countries experiencing an influx of Ukrainian refugees.

Ukrainian National Women's League of America

Sofika Zielyk, a member of the Ukrainian National Women's League of America, said the organization is in "full crisis mode" to respond to the invasion.

"This is a war that everybody has to look at and try to help," she told ABC News.

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Donations so far have benefited hospitals in the eastern Ukrainian cities of Kharkiv and Luhansk, the organization posted on its Facebook page.


United Help Ukraine (UHU) is working to provide individual first aid kits (containing blood-stopping bandages and tourniquets) and other emergency medical supplies to the front lines.

In addition, UHU is also cooperating with other emergency response organizations to prepare humanitarian aid for civilians that might be directly affected if Russian forces attack.

AIRBNB and Airbnb announced that will offer free, short-term housing to up to 100,000 refugees fleeing Ukraine.


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