Bay Area-based virtual reality company, Spatial, revolutionizes how we work from home

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Wednesday, June 17, 2020
Work from home with cutting edge virtual reality
Virtual reality company, Spatial, provides users with a life-like digital representation of their workplace.

SAN FRANCISCO -- As a result of the novel coronavirus outbreak, Spatial, a Bay Area and New York-based company, is revolutionizing how people work from home using virtual reality.

Spatial takes any workplace and turns it into a virtual reality experience. The average two-dimensional Zoom meeting suddenly comes to life in 3D. It's all stunningly lifelike and easy to navigate with a VR headset and hand controllers.

"This really is like a holodeck from Star Trek we can add whatever you want!" beams business development head, Jacob Loewenstein.

Unlike video conferencing, this "virtual office" offers users a more immersive way to collaborate with colleges.

"Instead of feeling like we are isolated, and staring at our TV screens, with VR we can actually feel like we are right next to the person," says co-founder Anand Agarawala.

"We can inject a little magic into go into work. We keep hearing from our customers about video conference burn out they're feeling. It's the lack of personal attention when you're in a meeting," says Loewenstein.

And with all the world working from home, Spatial's business is booming. "It's nuts we have had over a thousand percent increase in Spatial in light of COVID," says co-founder Anand Agarawala.

And in a post-COVID world, Spatial is also aiming to save a user's time by cutting down on business trips which in turn saves an employer's money.

"Wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to go on a 20-hour business trip across the world just to have a face to face meeting? Companies are going to realize how much they're spending previously on travel just to put people in the same room with each other. They're also going to realize how much money they were spending on extraordinary office space." says Loewenstein.

Spatial is currently offering their enterprise version for free. Click here to learn more about the company.