Idaho update: Kaylee Goncalves' father reveals new details as authorities continue hunt for answers

ByKayna Whitworth ABCNews logo
Wednesday, December 14, 2022
New details as authorities hunt for answers in slaying of four Idaho students
Kaylee Goncalves father is desperate for answers and pleading with authorities to find the person and the weapon responsible.

MOSCOW, Idaho -- New details have been revealed on the Idaho college murder mystery. One victim's father is sharing stunning new information about his daughter's horrific killing, as investigators expand their search.

Pressure and frustration is growing in Idaho as the hunt for a murderer hits 30 days with no results.

"You can feel it here in Moscow. It's just a very heavy cloud. It's a hard place to be," said Robbie Johnson, the spokesperson for the Moscow Police Department.

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Johnson told ABC News they brought in an army of experts and FBI support to comb through new tips about the white Hyundai Elantra seen "in the immediate area" in the early morning hours of November 13.

"We'd like to know who was in that car that night, where it might be now. It could be in a different state. We have resources across the country that are ready to jump on and any information we can provide on that and follow those leads and talk to whoever is in that car," Johnson said.

Local businesses are heeding the call by turning over surveillance video or anything that might help.

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"They said that ours was actually one of the best, like clearest they can see clear across to the other side of the road. So they were kind of hopeful when they did get that footage," said Kelly Kimberling, a Moscow business owner.

With new details, authorities are re-interviewing residents in hopes of bringing back memories.

"They're aware of people talking about that happening," Johnson said when asked about reports of people nearby hearing a scream. "And of course, they're looking into that type of thing. Every bit of information that comes in there, they're looking into. "

The university is also preparing to close for winter break after holding commencement ceremonies over the weekend, honoring Xana Kernodle, Ethan Chapin, Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves, who was set to graduate.

Instead, her father Steve is desperate for answers and pleading with authorities to find the person and the weapon responsible.

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"This is a brutal weapon. It sounds like it was a professional type weapon that couldn't break and weren't wounds, they were like large punctures," Steve Goncalves said.

Steve, along with Kaylee's mother Kristi and their lawyer, sat down with ABC News.

"I think this person went in very methodical, I think he really thought it out. I think he was quick. I think it was quiet, he got in and he got out," Kristi said.

They are frustrated with the slow movement of the case as this case hit one month.

"Imagine if you're a parent, and you have pertinent information to this, like that. You're asking me to just shut up. It's not going to happen," Steve said.

They are also desperate for more people to search their video cameras for the white car in question "it's another little piece of evidence, it's exciting for us."

At this point, they are unaware if police have gained full access to Kaylee's phone or other devices. Something that is crucial to the investigation.

They also expressed concern that the coroner is also a defense attorney.

The Goncalves are planning a celebration of life on December 30 for both Kaylee and Madison.

Authorities have asked them not to put out a reward, but they said that they might later and continue to be pursued by private investigators.

"The message can't be you send your kids to school have a disastrous thing that happened like this, and it gets ignored or it doesn't get resolved," Steve said.

Right now, people in this normally close-knit college town are being asked to remain vigilant, to travel in pairs and stick to well-lit areas, in fact, authorities said this is a new way of life in Moscow, at least for now.