East Village restaurant serves steak, but you must eat standing up

ByLauren Glassberg and Jamie Nguyen, Todd Pierce WABC logo
Thursday, March 2, 2017
Standing room only. The steak place that requires you to eat standing up.

East Village, Manhattan (WABC) -- It's steak, fast food style.

At Ikinari Steak in the East Village, you eat your steak, standing up.

**Check out the steakhouse where people are eating standing up in video above**

The concept isn't about comfort, it's about business.

The restaurant offers a good price for steak, and turns the tables quickly to get more customers coming through.

Get ribeye, sirloin, filet at Ikinari Steak. Your meat is cut to order and measured by the gram.

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You can't beat the lunch special. A 10.5 ounce chuck steak with soup, salad and rice is only $20.

Ikinari Steak is a popular steak house in Japan with more than 100 locations there, but it finally made its American debut in the East Village at 90 E 10th St.