'Right reasons' drama plagues 'Bachelorette' Katie early on in her journey

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Tuesday, June 15, 2021
Katie confronts the guys on 'The Bachelorette'
Katie tries to figure out who is there for the right reasons on "The Bachelorette."

NEW YORK -- Katie got down to business with getting to know the 23 men she kept from night one. That meant it was time to get dating! Katie had two big group dates and one 1-on-1 date this week. But, before she could have her rose ceremony, one man dropped a bomb on her.

Group Date #1

The first date card read, "Christian, Garrett, Trey, Quartney, Mike P., James, Justin, Thomas, Connor B., Karl, I'm looking for a great love." They all met Katie out in the desert where they walked over to a black box theater of sorts that had a stage with a bed on it. It had "props" all around it. Heather McDonald, the host of the Juicy Scoop podcast, was there to help her find "the greatest lover of all time." They took a sex quiz, and poor Mike P. is a virgin. He kept answering on his wipe-off with a question mark. Then, the guys were told they would have to put on a presentation that shows why they are the greatest lover, and Mike was so upset. He said he knew he would be put in this position, he just didn't think it would need to be addressed on his very first date.

Connor B. sang a funny, sexy song while strumming his guitar and even threw in a little piano. His songwriting talents really impressed her. Trey put on a puppet show, some other guys compared their body parts to vegetables, James put his stuff in a box because he's a fan of boxes and it was reminiscent of that SNL sketch. Karl's speech was a bit weird and it even made some of the other guys uncomfortable. It went on way too long.

Then, it was Mike's turn. He took her on stage with him and he read from a notebook about what he would want to tell his future wife. He revealed that he's saving himself for marriage. But, he included so much about what he knows about Katie and why he's doing what he's doing and Katie cried! She was so touched by what he said. Katie gave him the trophy and Mike was so happy!

That evening, they all headed to a cocktail party where Katie could talk to each man one-on-one. Connor said he wanted a chance to redo their first kiss since he flubbed. He was also wearing a cat costume that first night. He went in for another kiss, and honestly, it still seemed awkward. We'll have to see if Katie says anything about this later.

Katie and Karl talked about their past relationships a tiny bit, but he was upset he got interrupted by another guy. For an inspirational speaker by trade, he seems to not get his points across very well. Thomas made the most of his time with Katie and she seemed to really enjoy his kisses. She hopped right in his lap! But in the end, she validated that with the group date rose.

One-on-one with Greg

Greg's date card read, "Let's let our love run wild!" Katie picked him up in a truck wearing a flannel hoodie and Greg was wearing the same outfit, it was really funny! She drove him out to a river where they could go fishing. But first, they set up a tent and Greg had never done it before. Katie thought it was really funny as he struggled. Then, she had him cut a hole in a 5-gallon bucket to make an outdoor toilet, and Greg botched it by hitting it with a hatchet. He's more of a city guy I think. They made a fire and some smores and really seemed to get along well together. She told Greg that her dad died in 2012, and camping is her way of letting Greg meet him. She got a bit overcome with emotion and Greg did his best to make her feel comfortable. They walked over toward the river and went fishing, and shared a lot of hugs.

At dinner, Katie told Greg that she struggled to open up to him a little bit because she's balancing getting to know him and reliving bad childhood memories. Greg told her he wants to know all of her sides so she can be open with him and he'll be her rock. Then, Greg told Katie he lost his dad 2 years ago. His father had stage 4 cancer and had only one month to live when Greg found out. He said one of his best memories was his dad waking him up at 6 a.m. to go fishing. Greg cried as he said he wished his dad could have met the girl that he's going to marry someday. He said it's been hard to leave his mom's side seeing her without his dad. Katie told him that she appreciates him and it was the first time she didn't cry and found happiness in the memories of her father during their date. Katie took Greg outside to a pickup truck picnic where a rose was waiting for him. They kissed and then there were real fireworks! Greg said it was one of the best days he's had in a long time. Katie said she feels like she's starting to fall for him!

Second Group Date

The second group date card read, "John, Andrew S., Kyle, Josh, Aaron, Brendan, Hunter, Cody, let's get down and dirty." They were woken up by Kaitlyn and Tayshia banging pots and pans. They made the guys come outside in their jammies and undies. They had the guys mud wrestle! But first, they dressed up like cowboys before hitting the mud pit. Katie thought it was pretty hot. Then Aaron and Cody had to wrestle, remember, these two don't like each other. They had that awkward confrontation on night one. It got really aggressive! Aaron won. Katie gave the golden belt to Aaron for defeating Cody.

Aaron got alone time with Katie for winning the golden belt buckle. Katie asked him what the deal was with the animosity between him and Cody. Aaron said it had to do with some of Cody's social media posts, and that Cody did "things" that rubbed him the wrong way. He thinks that Cody just wants to come on the show to be famous, and he handles things in a malicious way. Aaron is about two seconds from becoming the "right reasons" police. So hopefully he can use his time later to advance his relationship with Katie.

Katie grabbed Cody to talk with her first during the after-party. Katie said that Aaron called him unkind and malicious. She said that she's a bit worried. Cody said that he doesn't know what he's talking about and it's not factual information. He said he's not there for fame. Katie said that one of them is lying, and he feels that Aaron is exaggerating. Cody was so upset at Aaron was ruining things for him.

Cody asked Aaron to go talk. Cody asked Aaron why he had to tell people that they even knew each other and why did he have to bring anything up. Aaron said it was his responsibility to tell Katie the truth.

Then, Katie asked Cody to go talk again! She said that she feels like she can't trust him so she's going to send him home. He said he understood, but as he got in the car he said it was absolutely insane. Katie said she just had to follow her gut.

Katie told the rest of the guys that she sent Cody home and then explained that she's taking a moment for herself. So, she went to gather her emotions before continuing the rest of the evening. Andrew S. got up and brought her a glass of champagne. He asked her if she wanted to go talk inside and she said yes. He used the time to say that he's there for her and he wants to set her mind at ease. He told her that he was raised by a super-strong woman who did everything with a smile. Andrew said they were thrift shoppers and he wore the same jeans and shoes all the time, but because of his mom, it never felt that way. Katie said that they grew up very poor and talked about how her dad built a fireplace out of construction paper and told them Santa would definitely come. They shared a special moment and kissed. It was really sweet and helped get her head back in the game of getting to know the remaining men. In the end, she gave the date rose to Andrew S.

Cocktail Party

Not all of the guys got on a date this week, so a few were looking to get some time to chat with her and make up for lost time. Among those was Michael, the single dad. Katie gave a speech about being there for the right reasons. Then, she grabbed Michael first! He was so happy that he was getting some time with her. Katie told him that she felt confident enough in him that she didn't need to put him on a date! They shared some kisses and Katie giggled. Did anyone else notice the paints sitting at that table? I think that she might have intended to give him a "mini-date" but instead, they talked and kissed. Nothing wrong with that!

Karl decided to use his time to join the right reasons police force. He said that he doesn't have the details but that some people don't have the best intentions. Karl refused to give Katie examples or names, which frustrated her. Pretty sure he knows nothing. The other men were actually sitting around talking about how nice all the other guys are. This whole situation is just messing with her head. Karl is a pot-stirrer.

Katie gathered all of the men and gave them another right reasons speech and cried. She says that she is hearing that multiple people are there for the wrong reasons. Suddenly she asked Aaron to go have a talk. The rest of the men sat there flabbergasted. Karl pretended to know nothing. She pulled Aaron aside because she feels she can trust his opinion apparently. While they talked, Karl admitted to the other guys that he said some guys weren't there for the right reasons. Aaron told her that he didn't know of anything she needed to be worried about. He went out into the room and found out that Karl said that. Katie sat there crying while all of the men argued.

Next Week

The preview for next week showed the men continuing their drama from this week. But wait, there's more! The men start to say Thomas is a manipulative guy who isn't there for the right reasons. Is that true? We'll have to wait until next week to find out.

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