New Jersey teen kidnapped, tortured, stabbed during drug deal gone bad in NYC

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Wednesday, March 29, 2023
New Jersey teen kidnapped, tortured during drug deal gone bad in NYC
A New Jersey teen was kidnapped, tortured, and stabbed during a drug deal gone bad with three men in New York City.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- A teen from New Jersey was kidnapped, tortured, and held for ransom in a drug deal gone bad.

Investigators say three men from Brooklyn kidnapped the 18-year-old in Delaware on March 17.

Then, they allegedly drove him to a basement in Queens where they tied him up, stabbed him, burned him with cigarettes, and held a gasoline-soaked rag against his eyes.

Dennis Reyes Mora, 37, Alexander Cruz, 26, and Cindy Aleman Fernandez, 27, all of Brownsville, Brooklyn, are each charged by complaint with one count of conspiracy to commit kidnapping.

"During the drive, the kidnappers bound the victim with tape and stabbed the victim multiple times. Once they reached the house in Queens, the kidnappers covered the victim's eyes and bound the victim's wrists and ankles with tape. While holding the victim captive, the kidnappers tortured the victim, including by running a knife on the victim's neck, holding a gasoline-soaked rag against the victim's eyes, burning the victim with cigarettes, and beating the victim. One of the kidnappers also threatened the victim with a gun and rounds of ammunition. Aleman looked on and laughed while the victim was tortured," U.S. Attorney Philip Sellinger said.

The kidnappers eventually released him to his family for a ransom.

Sellinger said before their arrest, the kidnappers tried to cover up their crimes by, among other things, removing and cleaning the seats of the car used in the kidnapping.

The charge of conspiracy to commit kidnapping carries a maximum potential penalty of life in prison and a maximum fine of $250,000.