California 5th grader allegedly creates 'kill list' of classmates

ByJovana Lara and staff KABC logo
Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Riverside 5th-grader creates 'kill list' containing fellow students; parents alarmed
A Riverside fifth-grader created a so-called 'kill list' containing fellow students' names, which has parents in the area alarmed.

RIVERSIDE, California -- A Riverside fifth-grader created a so-called "kill list" containing fellow students' names, which has parents in the area alarmed.

The principal of Lake Mathews Elementary School said in a statement that law enforcement was contacted about the incident last Thursday, when the student reportedly showed peers a "kill list" containing other students' names.

Principal Pamela Williams said appropriate steps were taken to hold the student accountable. Williams added that procedures were in place to monitor and support students who exhibit such behavior.

"The well-being and safety of our students is central to our mission at Lake Mathews Elementary, and we are confident that the steps we have taken support this mission," the statement read.

Parents said the student was suspended for two days, but was not expelled. Some parents told Eyewitness News that was not enough.

"I do have compassion since he's a child. I'm hoping he gets whatever help he needs to get, but we also have to be aware that things happen," parent Evelyn Artavia said.

Eighty-six parents signed a petition stating they wouldn't send their children to the school if the student was allowed to return to class. It was not clear whether the student's family intended to send him back to the school after his suspension was served.

Authorities said their investigation led them to believe the child was not a credible threat to other students.

"Ultimately through the investigation we determined a crime did not occur and the child did not have means or access to any guns or weapons of that nature," Sgt. Chris Durham with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department said.