Lakewood man with Ebola-like symptoms tests positive for malaria

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

LAKEWOOD, N.J. (WABC) -- A New Jersey man was hospitalized after returning home from Africa with a fever and other Ebola-like symptoms has tested positive for malaria.

Police responded to the home on East Countyline Road in Lakewood in response to a man with an unknown medical problem.

Arriving officers located a 66-year-old Neptune man outside his vehicle experiencing high fever and vomiting after recently returning from Africa.

The victim was immediately transported to Monmouth Medical Southern Campus Hospital by Lakewood EMS, where he was quarantined pending medical testing.

Berkley Hazardous Materials Team was contacted to decontaminate the victims vehicle. However, upon approaching the car they observed several household items commonly associated with making explosives.

As a result, the NJSP Bomb Squad responded and quickly deemed the vehicle as safe. HazMat technicians were then able to complete the decontamination process prior to removal the vehicle for safe keeping.

Further investigation revealed that although the victim had recently visited Africa, he did not visit any of the countries reporting cases of Ebola.

Medical testing concluded that he does not have Ebola but was positive for malaria, a disease commonly communicated via mosquitoes.

Hospital officials say he is doing well and is no longer in isolation.