From Policing to Pinot: B E Winery

ByChaz Miller Localish logo
Wednesday, August 4, 2021
From Policing to Pinot: B E Winery
Find out why a former sheriff's deputy left law enforcement to start B E Winery in Conroe, Texas!

CONROE, Texas -- B E Winery's James Barber loves helping people, so it should come as no surprise he spent nearly two decades in law enforcement.

So how did a former Montgomery County (TX) Sheriff's Deputy become a winemaker?

Barber always had a passion for wine, so he decided his ability to make great wines would be a welcome addition to his hometown of Conroe, Texas.

B E Winery, which was opened in 2018, now has two locations, as well as plans to expand its main headquarters with a production facility and wedding venue.

In this edition of "Secretly Awesome," find out more about B E Winery, in addition to learning how Barber's law enforcement background has helped his current career.