Doubly special: Sacramento baby girl Camila born on leap day, just like her father

Saturday was leap day, and one little newborn girl in Sacramento was lucky enough to be a leap day baby.

But there is a delightful twist to her story.

To make her birthday celebration even more special, the newborn's dad was also born on leap day!

Leap day is on February 29 - a date that appears on our calendars only once every four years.

Dignity Health says they have a nickname for babies born on leap day.

They're called 'leapers'.

Moms have a one in 1,461 chance of giving birth on leap day, meaning only 0.07% of the population are 'leapers.'

But nurses at Mercy San Juan Medical Center in Sacramento, where the baby girl was born, say the odds of both her father and her being born on a leap day are close to 2 million to one.

The baby girl has been named Camila.

Now she and her father will always get to celebrate their birthday together every four years.

On Saturday, staff and family celebrated the rare birthday in style, with little Camila all dressed up in a leap-frog attire.
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