Explore the Louvre Museum at this new interactive exhibition in Oakbrook

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Wednesday, August 31, 2022
Explore the Louvre Museum at this new interactive exhibition
No need to pack your bags, see the Louvre's most iconic pieces here in Chicago!

OAKBROOK, Ill. -- No need to pack your bags for France, you can see the Louvre's most priceless pieces right here in Chicago!

"What it is, is an exhibition that is meant to bring works from the Louvre, not only to the U.S. but to life," said Joanne Carrubba, Art Curator for The Louvre Fantastique.

The exhibition, located in Oakbrook, holds over 100 iconic pieces from artists like Da Vinci, Jacques Louis, and many more.

"What makes Louvre Fantastique special is the fact that you can get your hands on things," Carrubba said.

You don't have to be afraid to touch this artwork because you're allowed to get your hands all over it!

Many pieces have elements you can physically engage with to manipulate and change the art in front of you, making it perfect for curious little ones and people of all ages.

"You can awaken in a child a love of art and learning, and make it a really special experience," Carrubba said.

This experience is meant to open a world of being able to engage with art in a new way.

"It's a fun way to see the art and a lot of these we made things larger than they are in real life, and when you do that, you can let people look at it more closely and see more stuff in it," said Carrubba.

Several pieces have QR codes next to them so attendees can learn more about the works in the exhibition through the Louvre Fantastique app.

"The idea behind the QR codes is that you can scan it, and either you hear more about the piece or there's a fun, interactive element that comes along with it," said Carrubba.

Come and experience this immersive exhibition and learn more about the works of the infamous Louvre Museum in France.

"It's a really great experience," Carrubba said. "It's been nice to see the response to it."

Don't forget to download the Louvre Fantastique app before you go so you can experience all of the immersive elements of the exhibition.

The Louvre Fantastique is located on the lower level of the former Sears building at 2120 Oakbrook Center.

The exhibition will be open to the public from now through October.

For more information and to attend The Louvre Fantastique their website.