Here are 7 must-see photos of an amazing Manhattanhenge sunset this week

ByMike Waterhouse WABC logo
Thursday, June 2, 2016

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Better late than never, New York City was treated to a special Manhattanhenge Wednesday night, and the event was captured by some talented photographers.

Manhattanhenge is the phenomenon when the sun lines up perfectly with the numbered streets of Manhattan while it sets. It happens twice a year around the summer solstice -- and it was supposed to happen Sunday and Monday evenings, but cloud cover made the event uneventful.

Wednesday night turned out to be a perfect night to capture it. We picked out 7 incredible photos.

1. Take a look at this shot from Eyewitness News viewer Javan Ng:

2. And this shot from Craig shows a little wider perspective:

3. And this photo by Bruno Boni is simply incredible, which was taken from the east side of Manhattan:

4. This perspective from 42nd Street captured the glow of the sunset:

5. The timing apparently has to be just right:

6. Many of the photos of Manhattanhenge are taken from within Manhattan, but going across the East River into Long Island City in Queens offers a different perspective:

7. And this one is pretty great, too:

Did you capture photos of Manhattanhenge that you want to share with us? Use the hashtag #abc7NY on Twitter and Instagram.