Elite marathoner running cross country to raise awareness about human trafficking, made stop in Yonkers

YONKERS (WABC) -- An elite marathon runner took a small break in Yonkers Thursday night on an epic journey to raise awareness about human trafficking.

Moninda Marube embarked on his 3,700 mile run from Maine to California two weeks ago.

His motivation is own experience as a victim of human trafficking.

He says he was exploited when he came to the U.S. from Kenya by an agent who kept all of his race winnings.

"These animals, I don't call them people I call them animals, they capitalize on what our kids are not getting, if we are not giving our children attention," Marube said. "The kids are always happy to hear someone promising them heaven and they follow them and that's how they end up into trafficking."

Marube's journey will take four months.

He plans to run 30 miles each day.
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