World-Class Care for a Young Mother Facing Cervical Cancer

Thursday, July 29, 2021
Treating a Young Mother and her Cervical Cancer
How cutting-edge care, and concern for the patient as much as the disease, are helping a young mother who faced a difficult diagnosis.

NEW YORK -- Eve McDavid, like many young, healthy, active women, got a diagnosis of HPV. She understood the risk factor HPV presents for cervical cancer.

Eve began seeing NewYork-Presbyterian & Weill Cornell Medicine OBGYN Dr. Andrea Dobrenis while pregnant with her daughter, Ruby. While 35-weeks pregnant with her second child, she scheduled a visit with Dr. Dobrenis - where Dr. Dobrenis found Eve's cervix to be "feeling irregular," and a tumor was discovered.

Dr. Dobrenis immediately reached out to Dr. Eloise Chapman-Davis from the Gynecologic Oncology team to develop a plan of action. Within three days of discovering the mass, Eve had an MRI, delivered her son Arthur via cesarean section, and had biopsies taken by Dr. Chapman-Davis. The tumor was almost seven centimeters, and Dr. Chapman-Davis' examination determined she was not a candidate for surgery; chemotherapy and radiation would need to get involved right away.

With baby Arthur safely delivered, the multidisciplinary team at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center was able to target the cancer with precision treatment. After six weeks, the tumor was no longer visible.

Eve is grateful to be recovered and at home with her family. She says of her treatment: "I am here today because I am a product of modern medicine and the expert world-class care that I have with New York Presbyterian and Weill Cornell Medicine."

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