Is it likely the Mets will rebound from 0-2 start? They did in 1986

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Thursday, October 29, 2015
In this Oct 27, 1986 file photo, New York Mets catcher Gary Carter, right, is lifted in the air by relief pitcher Jese Orosco following the Met 8-5 victory over the Boston Red Sox.
AP Photo/Paul Benoit, File-AP

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Is it likely the Mets will make a comeback after a disappointing 0-2 start to the World Series? We took a look at other teams that have forged ahead when put in this situation.

Since the World Series began in 1903, there have been 11 instances of a rebound after a team started with a 0-2 deficit. When you do the math out of the 111 games played, such a comeback has happened in 10 percent of all of the World Series matchups.

One important thing to note is that when the Mets last won the World Series in 1986, they lost their first two games, which were at home.

Is it also a sign that the Mets lost by the same number of runs in those first two games in 1986? In the first game they lost by one, and in the second they lost by six - exactly the same as the team's current situation.

Now, with the next three games at home, the chances of pulling off a comeback are even higher.

Here's a listing of all the 0-2 comeback occurrences:

* 1996 - New York (AL) 4, Atlanta (NL) 2 - (First 2 games lost at home)

* 1986 - New York (NL) 4, Boston (AL) 3 - (First 2 games lost at home)

* 1985 - Kansas City (AL) 4, St. Louis (NL) 3 - (First 2 games lost at home)

* 1981 - Los Angeles (NL) 4, New York (AL) 2

* 1978 - New York (AL) 4, Los Angeles (NL) 2

* 1971 - Pittsburgh (NL) 4, Baltimore (AL) 3

* 1965 - Los Angeles (NL) 4, Minnesota (AL) 3

* 1958 - New York (AL) 4, Milwaukee (NL) 3

* 1956 - New York (AL) 4, Brooklyn (NL) 3

* 1955 - Brooklyn (NL) 4, New York (AL) 3

* 1921 - New York (NL) 5, New York (AL) 3

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(Stats for this report were provided by the Associated Press)