Nonprofit reminds Americans to 'be courteous' with fireworks as veterans cope with PTSD

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Monday, July 4, 2016
A sign distributed by nonprofit Military with PTSD encourages neighbors to communicate with veterans before setting off fireworks.
Military with PTSD

CHICAGO -- A nonprofit group is reminding Americans that not everyone celebrates the Fourth of July the same way.

Military with PTSD is dedicated to helping veterans cope with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The group says that the sound of fireworks can trigger painful memories for some veterans struggling with PTSD.

"It's almost like being stuck in a nightmare. It's scary. And, you know, most men won't say they're scared but it's the truth. We are terrified around this time of the year. What I would do is stay inside," said BJ Little, veteran.

Military with PTSD asks Americans to be courteous when planning to use fireworks this holiday, especially if a veteran lives in the neighborhood. The group suggests giving veteran neighbors a warning.

In preparation for the holiday, Military with PTSD offered free yard signs to veterans around the country that read, "Veteran lives here. Please be courteous with fireworks."

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