MRSA outbreak at Rocky Point High School

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Thursday, January 22, 2015
MRSA outbreak concerns at Rocky Point High School
Kristin Thorne reports from Rocky Point.

ROCKY POINT, N.Y. (WABC) -- Cases of MRSA are spreading at a Long Island high school.

Now five students have been diagnosed with the infection which is resistant to antibiotics.

It's happening at Rocky Point High School in Suffolk County.

MRSA is basically a staph infection spread either through skin to skin contact or by touching a surface that has the bacteria on it.

We've learned that all the students who have been diagnosed are on the same sports team.

"There are a lot of kids talking about it. I'm really concerned about it because it's spreading everywhere," said Briana DeLuca, a student.

School officials at Rocky Point High School announced the first two MRSA cases in late December.

Two weeks later, another student was diagnosed.

A few days after that there was another and then another.

"Like, no one wants to play gym anymore because of it," a student said.

According to the Suffolk County Department of Health the school is following proper state guidelines for cleaning.

They are disinfecting any area where the infected students were and doing a thorough cleaning of any soiled towels or sports equipment.

The school district's Superintendent Michael Ring declined to speak with Eyewitness News.

But in a message to parents on the school district's website he wrote, "Although most MRSA infections aren't serious, the fact that some may become quite serious is why we will continue to act with diligence in addressing this matter."

"Are people talking about in school?" Eyewitness News asked.

"Yes, it's a huge thing to talk about and people are freaking out somewhat," said Michaela Vecchi, a student.