New version of MTA mobile app for info about buses, subways and Citi Bike

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

NEW YORK -- New York City's Department of Transportation has launched a new version of its iRideNYC Mobile App, providing real-time information about MTA buses, subways, and Citi Bike.

The device allows commuters to determine which transit options are closest to their current location to make getting around easier for New Yorkers and visitors.

The application was developed for mobile devices and it is not dependent on any individual O/S, browser, or hardware.

The app is accessible by most desktop and mobile Internet browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer v.8+. It can be viewed on iOS or Android mobile phones or tablets, and on any desktop running these browsers.

"iRideNYC is ready to ride with you offering new features such as quick access to real-time bus and subway times and subway service status. As a web app, it does not require any downloads and works great on all devices," said Cordell Schachter, Chief Technology Officer at NYC DOT.

iRideNYC app complements the public wayfinding signage of WalkNYC. The features of the new version of the iRideNYC platform include improved support for one handed operations, support for sliding gestures for menu access, and reduced number of clicks to get to transit information resulting in a better client experience.

The MTA and AT&T recently recognized iRideNYC as an innovative solution to improve the commutes for millions of New Yorkers and visitors. iRideNYC continues in the trend to help to make New York City's world-class streets even more accessible through an information system that provides travelers critical information about their local environment and enables them to navigate the city easily and with confidence.

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