'The Rookie' celebrates a major milestone, 100 episodes.

Nathan Fillion shares why he is 'surprised and thrilled.'

ByMichael Goldfine
Saturday, February 24, 2024
ABC's 'The Rookie' reaches 100 episodes.
Nathan Fillion and the cast of 'The Rookie' share their excitement at hitting 100 episodes during season 6.

LOS ANGELES -- "The Rookie" recently shot its 100th episode, a hallmark in today's television world. "Every time you are talking about a milestone in the entertainment industry, a pilot actually getting made, the odds that it will go on the air, going more than two years, it's slim," star Nathan Fillion told On The Red Carpet. "so I'm completely surprised and thrilled."

Richard T. Jones, who's been on the show since it's first episode in 2018 weighed in on the show's success, "what made us stay around is the writing and directing," adding "this crew is just phenomenal it's a pleasure to come to work."

The team is hard at work on season 6, and according to Fillion it's business as usual, "We do have a recipe for success, and that means whenever the radio goes off you never know what it's going to be, something lighthearted and funny, or something intensely serious."

Catch "The Rookie" Tuesday nights on ABC at 9/8C and streaming the next day on Hulu.

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