LI startup creates walk-through sanitizing station to help businesses adapt to COVID-19 era

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Thursday, July 16, 2020
LI startup creates walk-through sanitizing station for COVID-19 era
The National Safety Health & Compliance Commission has created a walk-through mist station designed to combat COVID-19 at offices, schools, and stadiums.

SMITHTOWN, New York -- John Berlingieri was sick of sitting on the sidelines as the coronavirus pandemic tore through Long Island. With his aircraft-engineering background and his business partner A.J. Caro by his side, the duo developed a safety device to help businesses open again in the new COVID-19 world.

With hours of research and multiple prototypes built, Berlingieri and Caro created what they call the Sanitizing Station.

The machine is a walk-through station, which provides thermal temperature scanning, hand-sanitizer dispensing, and a personal exterior sanitizing mist.

All three steps take less than 10 seconds and will ensure that each person that walks through the hypochlorous acid solution will "kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses."

Hypochlorous acid is on the Environmental Protection Agency's list of products that can be used against COVID-19.

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While Berlingieri and Caro were researching, they came across a group of college students in Thailand that had created a disinfecting tunnel, which inspired them to go on their journey to produce the Sanitizing Station.

"We were the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic and unfortunately had a few neighbors that passed," said Berlingieri. "We felt our need to give back to the community, so my partner and I were up late working 15 to 18 hour days, seven days a week, no weekends no breaks, and sending each other sketches on napkins on pieces of paper all week. After four or five prototypes, we were able to evolve to our current unit. I mean, we're constantly improving, but we're ready to go to market now."

Berlingieri's company, the National Safety Health & Compliance Commission, is negotiating with multiple school districts on Long Island as well as Florida for the sanitizing stations. Berlingieri and Caro believe that not only can schools benefit from the machine but also sporting venues, museums, movie theaters, theme parks, and malls.

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"We've been cooped up and locked down for so many months," said Berlingieri. "If this is the one little thing I can do, I'm more than happy to continue working nonstop to get these machines out to establishments and keep everyone safe and secure as we move forward."

The National Safety Health & Compliance Commission has a showroom in Smithtown, where potential customers can see the Sanitizing Station in action.

Berlingieri invites everyone to come and see a demonstration of the device, which costs a little over $17,000. Financing is available.


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