Neighborhood Eats: Fried Brussel sprouts at 'The Parlor'

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Friday, March 13, 2015
Neighborhood Eats visits The Parlor
Lauren Glassberg visits The Parlor in Westchester County.

DOBBS FERRY, N.Y. (WABC) -- For Neighborhood Eats we head to a pizza parlor that offers much more than just pizza.

And the name of the place is "The Parlor" a play on pizza parlor.

The chef is very much about his pizza, he's passionate about getting the dough just right, and people come for the pizza as much as the starters.

The Parlor is located at 14 Cedar Street in Dobbs Ferry, Westchester County.

"I want to touch all the senses, get your tongue working," said David Debari, "The Parlor".

Debari is tickling those senses at his newest Dobbs Ferry spot, The Parlor. He opened The Parlor after his pizza truck DoughNation's success, here too are Neapolitan pizzas topped with handmade mozzarella.

Sometimes it is also topped with Brussel sprouts and sometimes lemon.

"It's always creative, always something new, always exceeds all of our expectation," a customer said.

"My husband and I come every Friday night. The food is always a little different, but always delicious," another customer said.

Pretty much everyone gets a pizza which you cut with scissors, but the starters are immensely popular.

For example, a riff on a scotch egg, chicken and waffles, wood fired oysters, and how about fried Brussel sprouts with rice krispies.

"How did it come about?" Eyewitness News reporter Lauren Glassberg asked.

"Maybe I had the munchies, eating serious and having fun," Debari said.

So for this dish David deep fries the Brussel sprouts.

He drains them before he adds salt pepper, and mixes the sprouts with a chili honey sauce and a squeeze of lemon.

The rice krispies plus Parmesan are added along with a little more chili honey sauce.

"It's spicy. You've got the rice krispies, it's wacky, tastes really good together," a customer said.

It's served up in a casual setting in a neighborhood the chef loves.

"The community itself is very fast food affluent. My kind of people, my kind of town, and it works," Debari said.

Fried Brussel Sprouts with Rice Krispies and Chili Honey


1 TBS Sriracha sauce

3 TBS honey

2 Cups brussels sprouts, quartered

1 TSP lemon juice

3 TBS Rice Krispies

1 TBS parmigiano cheese


- Whisk the honey & Sriracha sauce together and set aside

- Deep fry (or pan fry) brussel sprouts in vegetable oil until golden brown and cripsy

- Drain brussel sprouts on paper towel to absorb the excess oil

- Transfer brussel sprouts to a bowl

- Toss the brussel sprouts with prepared sriracha honey (reserving 1 TBS to drizzle on top of completed dish), lemon juice, salt & pepper

- Transfer brussel sprouts to a serving bowl; Add Rice Krispies and parmigiano and toss together

- Drizzle the reserved chili honey on top