Sweet Moment in Little Italy makes the New York City's cutest coffee treats

ByAlex Meier WABC logo
Tuesday, July 24, 2018
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LITTLE ITALY, Manhattan (WABC) -- A cafe in Manhattan serves up desserts that are almost too cute to eat.

Located in the heart of NYC's Little Italy and Soho, Sweet Moment NYC, tucked into a quirky space on Mott Street, is known for its Korean-inspired "creamart" drinks.

Sweet Moment represents some of the best Baristas in the city with amazing latte art skills.

The cafe makes several colorful flavors of the drink -- like matcha, taro and Thai -- and each is topped with an adorable, carefully made animal's face etched from cream.

Unlike latte art, "creamart" uses a cold caffeinated base, like cold brew or iced tea, and cream instead of microfoam.

Need more sweet? Sweet Moment also makes towering bingsoos, a dessert made with milk shaved ice.

The most impressive of the bunch is the watermelon, a $19 dish that uses half a watermelon shell to hold a mountain of shaved ice and watermelon balls topped with rainbow jelly, chocolate chips, ice cream, a cookie and more!

Come stop by and get ready for your Sweet Moment in Littly Italy, New York City.

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