Found! Winner of unclaimed $24 million jackpot comes forward in nick of time

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

TRIBECA, Manhattan (WABC) -- The mysterious missing millionaire who purchased a $24.1 million lottery ticket in Tribeca has been found just two days before it was set to expire.

The lucky individual, who will be formally announced in the near future, came to the Beaver Street Customer Service Center in Lower Manhattan on May 23 to claim the prize from the May 25, 2016 drawing.

The winner said news coverage of the about-to-expire ticket prompted the soon-to-be millionaire to search for the ticket, which was found in the winner's home among other old tickets.

"We are thrilled that this lucky winner was able to locate this life-changing ticket," said Gweneth Dean, Director of the Commission's Division of the Lottery. "We look forward to introducing this multimillionaire who came forward in the nick of time."

The winner purchased the ticket at Renu Corp Grocery and Tobacco on Church Street.