10 hot spots for parking tickets in New York City

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Friday, May 13, 2016

NEW YORK (WABC) -- More than 10 million parking tickets were issued in New York City this past year, and that's more than the number of people who live here!

If you want to avoid getting the orange envelope of doom, there is a list of the most ticketed hotspots in New York City by renthop.com that you can try to avoid.

- 2655 Richmond Ave, Staten Island (4,668 tickets) - Staten Island Mall

- 365 Bridge St, Brooklyn (3,374 tickets) - MetroTech Center, BellTell Lofts

- 1330 1st Ave, Manhattan (2,866 tickets) - New York Presbyterian Hospital Employee Housing

- 170 Joralemon St, Brooklyn (2,335 tickets) - The Packer Collegiate Institute

- 448 W 16th St, Manhattan (2,239 tickets) - Manhattan Fruit Exchange, Chelsea Market

- 99 Warren St, Manhattan (2,049 tickets) - 101-99 Warren Condo Complex and Shopping Center

- 355 Bard Ave, Staten Island (2,022 tickets) - Richmond University Medical Center

- 95-25 Queens Blvd, Rego Park (1,901 tickets) - North Shore LIJ Medical Group

- 82-23 Broadway, Queens (1,788 tickets) - Verizon Wire Center

- 204 Livingston St, Brooklyn (1,759 tickets) - Bridge Dry Cleaners

Meantime, the most ticketed neighborhoods include the Upper East Side, Midtown North, and Times Square.

So what neighborhoods fared the best? The Lower East Side and Greenpoint, Brooklyn received the least amount of tickets.

There is one surefire way to avoid getting a ticket...park in a parking garage!