Neighbors complain after cars repeatedly damaged by trucks on Jersey City street

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey -- Residents in Jersey City have been keeping track of the accidents for years.

No one saw or heard the noise, but residents believe a truck cause damage Friday night when at least 9 cars were hit, and the driver took off, leaving behind incredible scenes of vehicles destroyed, windows busted, bumpers ripped off and cars on top of each other.

In the latest incident, there was not enough room on the block when cars are parked on each side for trucks to move through. In this case, the trucker stayed on the scene, but in other cases, vehicle owners are not so lucky.

Many residents also had their cars on the street in March of 2015 which were hit by a truck. They were lucky, because a neighbor followed the truck that slammed into their vehicles and left.

"Those trucks are coming here - they just keep going," says Cynthia Anderson.

Anderson's vehicle sustained a lot of back-end damage last March. She was awoken by neighbors in the middle of the night, and came out and saw what happened to her SUV.

"The back window was smashed out," adds Anderson.

There are signs posted in the area that warn truckers not to come onto the residential street if their load is over four tons, but the warning is often ignored.

Jersey City issued a statement saying it is aware of the problem, also saying, "Apparently the GPS sends the truck drivers through Country Village, and the City has received complaints." null