New York man accused of driving high in door-less car with ax stuck in roof

WETHERSFIELD, New York -- An upstate New York man is accused of driving while high on drugs in a door-less, windshield-less vehicle with an ax stuck in its roof.

Jared T. Price, 21, was arrested Monday after residents in the town of Wethersfield saw a "suspicious" vehicle.

A deputy stopped Price, who performed poorly on a field sobriety test, according to the Wyoming County Sheriff's Office. Deputies found that he had been impaired by multiple different drugs.

On top of impaired driving charges, Price was cited for driving with no front windshield and no safety glass.

It was not disclosed why or how the ax got on the roof. There was also no charge listed in relation to the sharp-edge tool.

Wethersfield is about an hour drive east of Buffalo.
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