Special delivery: 7 On Your Side helps sort out 93-year-old reader's newspaper debacle

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Thursday, May 18, 2023
Special delivery: 7 On Your Side helps sort out newspaper debacle
7 On Your Side stepped in to help sort a newspaper delivery debacle for a longtime reader in Westchester County. Nina Pineda has the story.

PELHAM, New York (WABC) -- She's been getting her newspaper delivered faithfully every day since 1960, but she asked for help when her morning paper started getting tossed into the bushes or sidewalk - and was impossible for her to get.

7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda went the extra mile to get the 93-year-old a special delivery.

Former Westchester County bookkeeper Louise Podszus likes to get the scoop first thing in the morning.

"I want to see what's going on in the world," Podszus said.

She loves The Journal News, which she has been getting home-delivered since 1960. Back then JFK was in the White House and a rock group named the Beatles was formed.

But lately finding out what is going on has been futile.

After a fall a few years ago, the great-grandmother had a rod put in her hip, so scaling the five steps to fetch the paper was impossible.

So her family made a request to get her beloved paper delivered to the top step or as close to the door as possible. But in March, her longtime delivery person retired.

"They just drive by, open the door and fling it out the window," her daughter Elaine Podszus said.

The family says they've called Lohud more than 20 times but the paper still ends up everywhere.

She even documented the delivery debacle on a calendar: 15 times the paper never made it to the porch and it wasn't delivered four times.

So Elaine reached out to 7 On Your Side.

Once we talked to the Journal, it responded immediately and overnighted an iPad to Podszus so she could read the paper until they rectified the delivery problem, saying their loyal customer is one they treasure and gave her a credit and complimentary subscription.

Now it is secured to the doorknob every single day so her six-decade reading routine can continue.

"This has been wonderful, I'm so appreciative of your help," Elaine said.

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