Passenger gets entire plane to himself after 18-hour delay, says he is now in group chat with crew

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Tuesday, June 27, 2023
Passenger gets entire plane to himself after 18-hour delay
One man was the only passenger on a commercial flight after it had an 18-hour delay. He said he felt bad for the crew, who were going to bed at the hotel when they got the call to depart.

One man got the chance to have a passenger plane all to himself after his flight from Oklahoma City to Charlotte, North Carolina experienced an 18-hour delay due to severe weather.

By the time the flight was cleared for takeoff, all the other passengers originally scheduled to go along had booked themselves on other flights.

So, Phil Stringer had the entire plane -- and its crew -- all to himself.

Despite the ordeal, Stringer actually felt bad for the crew.

"They had to get called; they were at their hotel, like they were going to go to bed. I felt so badly because I was like, 'Oh my gosh, they literally had to come here for me,'" said Stringer.

But Stringer said he actually exchanged phone numbers with the crew and was still group messaging with them on Monday.