Convoy leads toddler to medical procedure during Pennsylvania snowstorm

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Convoy leads toddler to heart transplant during Pa. snow storm

DANVILLE, Pennsylvania -- The coordination between different agencies during Tuesday's winter storm helped get a young child to a lifesaving medical procedure.

State Police coordinated with the Pa. National Guard and PennDOT to transport a 23-month-old child from Lehigh Valley Hospital-Pocono in East Stroudsburg to Geisinger Children's Hospital in Danville for a medical procedure.

"What happened was the child went to the hospital in East Stroudsburg and it was determined that he needed a heart transplant, and had to go back to Danville to Geisinger to get it," said Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf.

"And so, PennDOT led the way with a plow train, state police went with the group to make sure they were safe. The National Guard followed up to make sure that if anything happened they could help. And the local emergency responders and healthcare practitioners made sure the baby was safe while they made that trip," Wolf said.

Pa. State Police posted about the cooperative operation on their Facebook page.

The post reads in part: "The snow doesn't stop us!"

A heartwarming story of cooperation, and going above and beyond for a child in need. Great work to all involved!