Caught on video: Philadelphia man attacked while filming baby raccoons

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Tuesday, July 19, 2022
Man Attacked By Raccoon In Philadelphia
A Pennsylvania man taking video of adorable raccoon kits in a Philadelphia alley ended up in a hospital after an adult raccoon suddenly charged at and bit him.

PHILADELPHIA -- Apparently, Philadelphia raccoons do not want to be in your cute TikTok videos.

A Pennsylvania man found himself in the hospital after taking videos of raccoon babies in a Philadelphia alley.

It happened earlier this month when Benjamin McCool spotted raccoon kits climbing up a fence and "dropping one by one and running into the alley."

That's when he started filming.

"They're so cute," one person could be heard saying in the video.

"They're like acrobats right now," added McCool while recording the raccoon kits.

Little did he know, another raccoon was lurking in the shadows.

The masked bandit charged at McCool and gave him a nasty bite on his leg before taking off with its babies.

He headed to the hospital where he was treated for the wound including a tetanus shot and a series of rabies vaccines and immunoglobulin shots.