Get your brunch on with top New York City food Instagrammer BrunchBoys

ByEmily Sowa Localish logo
Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Best brunch in NYC? Brooklyn man on a mission to find out
Brooklyn-native and Instagram Star BrunchBoys turn brunch obsession into a full-time job while eating his way around New York.

NEW YORK CITY -- Jeremy Jacobowitz, a Brooklyn native, says his passion for food started when he was a young child. Being home alone with his sister while his parents worked long hours, he taught himself how to cook and found a new love for food.

Flash forward - after attending NYU for Sports Management, Jeremy sought out a different world of television: food television. Jeremy landed a lucky position of assisting for none other than celebrity Chef Bobby Flay.

Jeremy transitioned from Bobby Flay's assistant on set to Food TV producing for networks like Food Network, Cooking Channel, FYI and more. Working long hours freelancing for different cooking competition shows, Jeremy had the idea to create an Instagram account to document his own food experiences.

Now, the well-known Instagram account BrunchBoys is a new media company focused on everything brunch, and it's also Jeremy's full-time job. With more than 457,000 followers on Instagram and a growing presence on YouTube, Jeremy shares his passion and love for all things brunch.

Jeremy is a jack-of-all-trades - producing, shooting, editing and evolving his original video and photo content. He credits his advanced production material on his experience from the past and learning new tricks as he goes.

So if you share a passion for brunch like Jeremy does, you should check out his all-brunch Instagram account, or watch his food series on YouTube.

For more about Jeremy and his media company, check out his website.