How a research scientist became Insta-famous New York City photographer

ByEmily Sowa Localish logo
Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Research scientist turned Insta-famous NYC photographer
A self-taught photographer from the Philippines takes the most incredible photos of our beautiful city.

NEW YORK CITY -- How does a research scientist become one of the most popular New York City photographers on Instagram?

Noel Y. Calingasan, a Neuroscience researcher, came to New York City from the Philippines in 2001. He got himself a camera to start documenting his experiences in New York City so he could share his photographs with family and friends back home.

When he started uploading his photos to a photography blog, a friend suggested he create an Instagram account to share his photos with New Yorkers and other photographers, and his following took off!

Noel named his account 'NYClovesNYC' because his initials are N-Y-C and he loves photographing New York City.

Through Instagram, he has met many friends and other photographers. Together, photographers on Instagram attend meet-ups and share ideas and feedback.

With this feedback and some help from Instagram friends, Noel taught himself how to shoot and edit his photos.

Follow Noel's incredible photography on his Instagram account.