It's like Uber in the barn, black cat hitches ride on potbellied pig

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Monday, January 6, 2020
Watch a cat ride around on a potbellied pig.
A black cat hitched a ride on a potbellied pig in a barn.

CONVERSE, Ind. -- Animals do the darnedest things and when it is caught on video, it can make for a truly enjoyable moment.

Look no further than what happened inside an Indiana barn on New Year's Day.

A black cat named Louie and a potbellied pig, who goes by the name Stella, just woke up after taking a nap.

Louie managed to hitch a ride on top of Stella and the pig wandered around the barn while the cat enjoyed the lift.

Their owner realized this little jaunt had been going on for several minutes so she grabbed her camera to record it.

Whether Stella is going to charge Louie for his ride, they'll have to work it out. We're not sure what the rideshare rates are in a barn.

Stella, by the way, is just a year old and considered the barn mascot.

Her owner says when Stella isn't wandering around with all her animal friends, she is eating.