Native American elder willing to sit down with teen after confrontation at Lincoln Memorial

WASHINGTON -- A Native American elder now says he's willing to sit down with the high school students involved in a confrontation at the Lincoln Memorial last Friday.

Nathan Phillips is offering to travel to Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky to have a dialogue, calling it a teachable moment.

Phillips drew national attention when he stepped between a group of Black Hebrew Israelites and Covington students, hoping, he says, to diffuse a volatile situation while chanting a prayer and beating his drum.

Phillips and Covington student Nick Sandmann are seen in the video that went viral, standing face to face, while classmates engaged in the "Tomahawk chop," a chant offensive to Native Americans.

On Sunday, Sandmann issued a statement saying he wasn't trying to taunt the 65-year-old. Phillips believes there are "intentional falsehoods" in Sandmann's statement, and notes that the teen didn't apologize.

Covington High issued an apology on Saturday and canceled classes Tuesday.

President Donald Trump weighed in on Twitter, backing Sandmann, adding that he and his classmates were treated unfairly.

At this point, remaining under the radar are the Black Hebrew Israelites, who hurled slurs at the Native Americans, the students, as well as other African Americans.

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