TSA breaks screening record with over 3M travelers processed in a single day

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Monday, July 8, 2024
TSA sets new screening record as peak travel rebounds
The Transportation Administration set a new recording with over 3 million travel screenings.

WASHINGTON -- The Transportation Security Administration has broken a new record after screening the most people ever in a single day.

On Sunday, July 7, the agency processed 3,013,413 travelers at U.S. airports.

The new peak comes just weeks after the TSA set record just shy of 3 million screenings, which was achieved on June 23.

"TSA fully, unerringly, and efficiently checked 35 passengers every second, along with all their luggage and carry-on baggage, while demonstrating unwavering professionalism and respect for travelers during the intensely busy holiday weekend," Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, said in a statement.

Ahead of the 4th of July holiday, the agency anticipated screening a staggering 32 million travelers between June 27 and July 8.