'American Idol' alum, Iam Tongi, Will Moseley, Triston Harper and more celebrate Nashville reunion

It was an "Idol" reunion of fan-favorite contestants; plus, advice on auditioning!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
'American Idol' alum celebrate reunion together in Nashville
"American Idol" alum celebrate with a reunion performance in Nashville.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Recently, a mini "American Idol" reunion took place in Nashville, where a group of "Idol" alumni took part in a live performance on stage.

Alumni from multiple seasons were in attendance, including season 22's Will Moseley and Triston Harper, season 21's Iam Tongi and Colin Stough, season 18's Grace Leer and more.

After the performance, the country stars met with fans, signed merchandise and posed for photos.

"Tonight we're just here having fun. We're playing some songs and we're having a good time with all our 'Idol' fans," Grace Leer told On The Red Carpet.

Will Moseley, who just wrapped up his season of "Idol" explained "Man, it was so special to get to see everybody. It's been a few weeks now since everything winded down. It's just great to see familiar faces."

When it came to the reunion itself, the Idols were excited to connect with contestants from their own seasons and others, bonding over their shared experiences.

"It was great yeah, good to see old friends, good to see the new Idols performing there. Everyone was amazing," said season 21 "Idol" winner Iam Tongi.

Colin Stough shared the same sentiment. "I love performing and being on the road, but to get to do it with somebody that's been through my shoes on the show and stuff like that, it was really amazing. It's really a great group out there."

Triston Harper, who was only 15 when he started his "Idol" journey said, "Some of them were people I really looked up to over the years. Some of them was (sic) friends that I made this year. And I just love them all and thank them for everything they've ever done."

And for any viewers who are deciding whether auditioning for "American Idol" is right for them, Grace offered some advice, saying "You're never going to regret trying something that is scary or maybe vulnerable for you and a step towards your career. For me, I remember being so scared to step into that audition room, but it changed my life."

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