Collective Napa Valley Auction Weekend raises money for youth mental health

ByJanel Andronico and Rob Goldstone KGO logo
Wednesday, July 3, 2024
Napa Valley wine auction raises money for youth mental health
A group of winemakers and vendors came together to host wine auction Collective Napa Valley Auction Weekend to raise money for youth mental health.

NAPA VALLEY, Calif. -- In 1981, a group of winemakers and vendors came together to host a wine auction that would benefit the community. The idea became a success and other vintners and vendors were eager to get involved.

"It really gained traction with other vendors, because we care about our community," said Donna Walker, proprietor of Pulido-Walker. "And we have the same devotion to this special place as we do our wines and vines," continued Walker.

Thousands of people around the world participate in this auction both in person and online. Over the past 40 years, Napa Valley Vintners have invested over $230 million in local nonprofits.

This event both raises funds for philanthropy programs and creates a sense of participation in the community. "It's not just buying a product, you're really doing something for a community, you're really doing that for a group of people," expressed Cyril Chappellet, CEO/Chairman, Chappellet.

One of the auction's current focuses is on Student Mental Health within the community. Jennifer Stewart, ED Napa Valley Education and Lead with SHINE Napa Valley, expressed the need for help with their students. "In the Napa Valley, a quarter of our students experience mental health issues during their school year." Stewart goes on to say,

"Our vision is that every student who needs mental health services can get it safely and for free through their school site."

The Napa Valley community rallies together to host this annual event. Local winemakers, chefs and volunteers all contribute to make this event a success. "We have to remember too that there are thousands of people who are helping to do this... donating their time today, helping chefs and guiding people around," said Chappallet.

The auction really celebrates giving back while enjoying excellent food, wine and comradery. "We're very thankful to the donors that are here that they embrace our strategy and our mission to help them grow the community," added Walker.

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