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Wednesday, May 15, 2024
Upper East Side woman catches porch pirate in the act
Nina Pineda has the latest from the Upper East Side.

UPPER EAST SIDE, Manhattan (WABC) -- We all know how infuriating it is to have a package swiped by a porch pirate.

That's when something you paid for and had delivered is swiped out of your lobby or near your front door.

An Upper East Side woman caught the porch pirate on video and it wasn't some random person, but apparently a food courier who was buzzed into the building.

When she couldn't get answers from the delivery company or a refund she asked Nina Pineda and 7 On Your Side for help.

It was a pricey electronic punching bag, ordered, paid for, and delivered that disappeared.

"I could see him waiting and then he takes the package," the victim said. "So, he waits until the door closes and then takes the package."

The radiology tech for a large hospital lives alone and doesn't want to be identified.

Her recorded video shows her neighbor walking down the steps to retrieve his food.

The courier hands off the eats, but as soon as he walks upstairs, you can see the delivery guy grab a to-go package for himself, that belongs to her.

He then exits the building carrying the big box, rushes to his car, and throws her box in his backseat.

"I don't care about the package, it's more about the safety," she said. "You think you can steal packages, what are you going to do next?"

"You're scared," Pineda said.

The delivery came around noon. She had gone to work and when she came back it was gone, but the proof was on the ring camera.

"They gave me the receipt and where they got the order from," she said. "Two veggie burgers and a vegan brownie were delivered from a nearby vegan restaurant by Uber Eats."

"Did Uber open an investigation?" Pineda asked.

"Yes, but I haven't heard from them," she said.

"Did they ask you for the video?" Pineda asked.

"Yes, but there's no option for that," she said.

She filed a police report and says she also sent that to Uber's customer service.

"Have they gotten back to you?" Pineda asked.

"No," she said.

Her packages have been stolen at least four times this year.

"You think if he's come here, he's done this to people in other buildings," Pineda asked.

"Yes," she said.

The Upper East Side building's mail carrier says package pirating is a constant headache everywhere.

7 On Your Side called Uber Eats. The platform thanked us then a representative delivered this news: "The actions shown are inexcusable. We're in touch to try and make it right, and have removed the courier's access to the platform."

"Thank you. I think you guys do a great job and service to the neighborhood and we really appreciate it," she said. "Thank you, 7 On Your Side."

Uber issued a $150 credit to the victim. A spokesperson told 7 On Your Side they permanently banned this courier from their entire platform adding they have a team of former law enforcement professionals working with police 24/7 on any issues.

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