Connecticut quadruplets head to Quinnipiac University this fall

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

NAUGATUCK, Connecticut (WABC) -- A new quad coming to Quinnipiac University in the fall is generating a lot of buzz, but it doesn't involve a piece of property on campus.

Instead, it's four siblings who have decided to continue their journey through life together. Michael, Vincent, Sofia and Anna Ciacciarella have been close throughout life, and now, they're excited about going to college together.

"When I see them now, I'm just amazed how motivated they are to do well in school, to do well in life," dad Mike Ciacciarella said.

And mom and dad are proud, seeing how far their babies have come.

"We embraced having a family and how important it was for us to raise these children to be strong individuals, to be people who would give back in the world someday," mom Anne Ciacciarella said. "And to treasure the things that are important to us -- our family, faith, love,"

The lessons were not lost on the children.

"We all have those characteristics of giving and being selfless, just wanting to do things for our community," Anna Ciacciarella said. "In high school, we did so many events for new haven and the surrounding community just to

benefit people who have less than us."

The journey hasn't always been easy, after the Ciacciarella kids were born eight weeks early at Yale-New Haven hospital in 1998. It was a scary time.

"I had four kids in neo natal intensive care," Mike Ciacciarella said. "My wife was still on bed rest even after giving birth."

They relied on each other's love to get through the tough times, and now, the kids will rely on their love for each to continue to grow together in this next stage of life.