New Jersey residents warned not to drink raw milk by 'Udder Milk'

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

NEW JERSEY (WABC) -- There is a warning to New Jersey residents from the state's Department of Health about a particular brand of raw milk.

It's issued a cease-and-desist order to a home delivery company called Udder Milk.

The order comes after a woman from northern New Jersey became ill with a rare bacterial infection, Brucella RB51.

Brucella bacteria are primarily passed among infected animals. While rare, people can become infected by eating or drinking contaminated raw milk products. A Brucellosis infection can cause a range of symptoms including fever, sweats, chills, weight loss, headache, fatigue and muscle and joint pain. Symptoms may appear up to six months after exposure. In severe cases, infections of the central nervous system or lining of the heart may occur.

People who may have consumed contaminated milk should see a doctor right away. Brucella RB51 cannot be diagnosed through tests commonly used to diagnose the disease, and this strain is resistant to one of the antibiotics commonly used to treat brucellosis in people.

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