NYPD warned to be on heightened alert following Paris attacks, renewed threats

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Monday, January 12, 2015

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Additional security measures are in place across New York City because of the deadly attacks in Paris and hostage situations that followed.

Police are also being cautioned to be extra vigilant, ever watchful and even suspicious - this after ISIS issued a renewed call for Muslims to kill officers, soldiers and civilians.

Last September, ISIS issued a similar call to savagery and sure enough, a Muslim man responded with a hatchet and attacked a group of police officers in Queens. He was shot and killed.

It's clear there are lone wolves in our midst, waiting for the chance to strike, and now they're being encouraged to do so.

Following the attacks in Paris, additional officers were stationed outside the French Consulate at 934 Fifth Avenue on the Upper East Side, and the NYPD added more security at sensitive New York locations in response to the attacks.

According to Mayor Bill de Blasio's office, the focus will be on high-profile French and Jewish sites.

"The NYPD went into high alert immediately after learning about the attack and hostage situation in Paris and have been in touch with the NYPD Intelligence Bureau Detective assigned to the liaison post in Paris," a statement read.

NYPD Commissioner William Bratton called the attacks "very concerning," saying the terrorists appeared to be trained and well armed.

"These are not amateurs," Bratton said.

John Miller, the NYPD deputy commissioner of intelligence and counter-terrorism, said in response to the Paris shootings that that New York has the "most sophisticated counter-terrorism capability in the U.S."

"There are standing contingency plans in place to adjust police deployments based on any unfolding situation in the world," Miller said in a statement. "That includes how we use and where we position and deploy specialized police resources. The NYPD has a Detective stationed in Paris who has been coordinating with NYPD and we will continue to closely monitor the situation."