Taxi riders robbed dozens of times in Richmond Hill

Thursday, April 21, 2016
Taxi riders robbed in Richmond Hill
AJ Ross reports from Richmond Hill.

RICHMOND HILL, Queens (WABC) -- It's an alarming robbery pattern police are anxious to put an end to, and right along 97th Avenue is where the most recent incident occurred just nine days ago.

Investigators say it's the same MO every time, with the armed pair preying on unsuspecting cab riders in Queens.

Police are hoping new surveillance video will help put these guys behind bars.

The two are seen partially in surveillance video and have robbed more than a dozen people exiting cabs at gunpoint over the past two months.

They've gotten away with thousands of dollars in cash and stolen goods.

"Whatever is going on here, things are getting pretty risky. And as far as I'm concerned, I have got to be on the watch too," a resident said.

Among the 14 reported robberies spanning back to March 3rd, investigators say there's a distinguishable pattern.

The duo primarily targets taxi riders as they exit onto the street in the early morning hours, at which point they pull out a gun and demand cash, credit cards, electronics.

"It's shocking, you know, it's a crazy city and you just have to be careful walking around and protect yourself," a resident said.

Surveillance video captured the pair along 118th Street, but they've since struck several different parts of Richmond Hill.

Police are hoping someone will recognize them and give them a call before they strike again.

"It's scary, it's dangerous, and you have to be prepared, be cautious, and always keep your eyes open," a resident said.

If you have any info that could help police you can call Crime Stoppers anonymously, the number is 1-800-577-TIPS