VIDEO: Florida driver opens fire in morning road rage shooting on I-95

MIAMI -- A driver in Florida fired off nearly a dozen shots toward another car in the middle of the interstate.

Dash cam video recorded the harrowing scene during the morning rush in Miami last June.

Investigators said Eric Popper, 30, cut off another driver. That driver started tailgating and honking at Popper.

That's when Popper reaches into his center console and pulls out a handgun.

The other driver approaches on the passenger side and reportedly threw something at Popper's car while he passed by him.

That's when Popper opens fire through his own window and windshield.

Popper said he thought he was the one being shot at and that's why he started shooting at the other driver. However, the other driver was not armed.

"He pulled out his gun in self defense and was justified in pulling out his gun," Popper's attorney Robert Gershman said.

Nobody was injured in the shooting.

Popper turned himself in to police after the incident and handed over the dash cam video. He now faces two felony charges that carry up to 15 years in prison. His hearing is set for April.

According to AAA in 2019, road rage contributes to around 30 deaths every year in the United States. Plus, nearly 80 percent of drivers have expressed some form of aggression behind the wheel at least once in the last 30 days.

"Your road rage is serious and can lead to both criminal and civil charges being filed against you," attorney Areva Martin said.
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