Separated by miles, two doggie best friends keep in touch through FaceTime staff KABC logo
Saturday, April 8, 2023
Pair of separated doggie best friends keep in touch by FaceTime
A viral video shows two dog best friends who now live far apart keeping in touch by FaceTime.

A pair of dogs from Canada were inseparable - until one of their owners had to move away.

Now they can only FaceTime - and the results are adorable.

A viral video shows Sadie and Rollo whimpering and howling as they stare at each other through the computer screens.

Sadie is a husky-German shepherd mix, and Rollo is a rottweiler-shepherd mix.

They met during the pandemic and hadn't been apart until Rollo's owner relocated for a new job.

The dogs FaceTime now every Thursday, and there's a lot of whining and howling.

Sadie's howling, in fact, is behavior reserved only for her best friend.

"She's not much of a howler," said Kayla McTeer, Sadie's owner. "She doesn't often throw her head back and howl the way she does on FaceTime with Rollo. Actually that's the only time that she's ever done that."