TikTok star father uses platform to help put stop to bullying

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Wednesday, November 11, 2020
TikTok star dad uses platform to help stop bullying
Sandra Bookman has more on a TikTok sensation who is using the platform to help root out bullying.

Scott Henry is a husband and father, but he's also a TikTok sensation who is using the platform to help stop bullying.

The 40-year-old says he took to the video-sharing app as a way to spread positivity and now boasts nearly two million followers.

These days he's using all that social media capital for an important cause: stomping out bullying.

"I was stopped every single day by this group of kids and they would push me up against the wall, call me names Iwas bullied every day and it was terrifying," Henry said.

Henry says he doesn't want other kids to go through what he did as a self-described "nerdy" seventh grader.

So he's serving as an ambassador with"Stomp Out Bullying," the leading national anti-bullying and cyberbullying organization in the country.

"He is just wonderful. We're really happy to have himand he is so sincere. It's genuine. There's nothing phony there," StompOut Bullying Chief Executive Officer Ross Ellis said.

Ellis founded the organization 15 years ago to address an issue that has only gotten worse with the popularity of social media.

According to Stomp Out Bullying, one out of four kids are bullied and up to 43% of students have been bullied while online.

The organization teaches solutions for responding to all forms of bullying, including help via a chat line that's off-limits to adults.

There's also "National Block It Out Day" coming later this week.

"All kids or even adults have to do if they see a negative post, block it out,delete the person, block them from your feed. It's as simple as that," Ellis said.

It's also simple for Henry who's amplifying that anti-bullying message throughTikTok.

"I want to be the person that spreads love, spreads positivity and I havea platform that I can use to stomp out bullying," Henry said.


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