Businesses along 2nd Avenue thrilled with new subway opening

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Monday, January 2, 2017
Business along 2nd Avenue thrilled with new subway opening
Kemberly Richardson has the details from the Upper East Side.

UPPER EAST SIDE, Manhattan (WABC) -- The opening of the Second Avenue Subway has been a big hit with New Yorkers, but businesses in the area have really taken a hit during the subways decade-long construction.

Owners are hoping their fortunes in 2017 are turning the corner and customers will begin coming back.

"We couldn't be happier," said Boris Niyazov, Health Source Pharmacy.

Oh how times have changed at Beach Cafe on E. 70th Street where for years, a monstrosity sat right outside of the restaurant. But a weight has literally been lifted now that phase one of the Second Avenue Subway is complete.

"When I look out of the window and see a New York scene and not a cement ruck it's a dream come true," said Dave Goodside, Beach Cafe.

Folks can now take the Q train to 86th Street and 2nd Avenue. There are also new stations at 96th and 72nd streets.

All the extra foot traffic on the Upper East Side is sparking change, but many wonder is it for better or for worse?

"They had trailers outside of our door since 2011, people, noise, visibly, it effected out business, yes," Niyazov said.

Boris owns Health Source Pharmacy and like many other small mom and pop businesses along this corridor, they took a significant financial hit during the construction phase of this new subway line.

Some simply couldn't make ends meet and closed.

Others are now worried about the future.

Boris is optimistic.

"Now people see us, the streets are nice and wide and open, the train station is right next to us, so I'm hoping that will improve business substantially," Niyazov said.

Beach Cafe has been there for 50 years.

Goodside tells Eyewitness News if and when his rent goes up; he'll do whatever is necessary to stay open.

"We're going to open up earlier, do more deliveries, look at other income sources, catering, special events, functions," Goodside said.