NYC has now seen more than 500 shootings in 2020

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- 17 shootings occurred in New York City Saturday, highlighting an alarming rise in gun violence across the City.

Through Saturday, the City has seen more than 500 shootings year to date.

Gun violence has ramped up considerably this month.

Between June 19-27, 83 shootings happened, injuring or killing 112 people.

Police officers responded to shots fired at 132nd St. and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. around 4 a.m. Saturday and quickly retreated after they were met by an angry crowd throwing bottles at them.

No one was injured in the shooting, but investigators found shell casings.

NYPD Chief of Department Terry Monahan said while other crimes are down, violent crimes and shootings are up.

"Shootings have been up in the month of June. With 17 incidents in the last 24 hours including this one in East Williamsburg, where a man and woman shot at a block party," Monahan said.

Chief Monahan said there are a number of reasons for the increase including bail reform, the George Flyod protests and the animosity toward police officers.

"If you listen to the city council, they want less policing. They want to defund the police, but as I look out there right now with the violence going on, it's not a good sign. We need some clarity from the city council and from the communities we serve, exactly how they want to be policed," Monahan said.
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