7 On Your Side: April's Best Buys

Where the story happened (WABC) -- Whether you're looking to buy new clothes or book a getaway, a new month means a new round of deals. So what are April's best buys, and what should you avoid?

We're thinking showers, flowers and tax-day discounts, with some restaurants running special freebies to reward us for dealing with our returns. So be on the look out for free food on the 15th, and these other deals all month long.

What to buy:

Winter-wear -- If you see any left, it could be up to 50 percent off.

Apple discounts -- The Apple Watch should be $50 cheaper, but Ben Glaser of Dealnews.com says do not buy it directly from Apple. They always have the most expensive prices.

Also look for discounts on the Iphone 5S, which has been discontinued.

Samsung sales -- Look for discounts on Samsung phones toward the end of April.

Vacation destinations that start with the letter C -- It's a good time to take vacation in Canada, which is cheap because of the strong dollar. Cruises are deeply discounted, and Cuba is also a best bet.

What not to buy:

Summer apparel -- In another month, prices will be 30 percent less.

Wait for Memorial Day sales -- Appliances and home goods will be deeply discounted in store-wide sales.

Wait to buy mattresses -- Again, wait for Memorial Day sales. null
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